Do you waste time trying to call your drivers on their mobile phones in a desperate attempt to determine their current location and look in vain on maps for seemingly hidden addresses while your customers are waiting for a status update?  Tracking and monitoring your drivers, vehicles and field personnel using old processes (phone calls, etc) can be a substantial time-wasting, inefficient activity you and your staff don’t need. You want may then want to consider installing GPS fleet trackers in each vehicle in your fleet and you will be able to monitor and locate them anytime – without having to make a single phone call.

Fleetminder GPS Tracking cluster of vehicles

Real-time tracking of vehicle locations


Good customer service is key to repeat business and when a customer calls asking for an estimated arrival time (ETA) or status you need to provide accurate information about their delivery or service call. There is nothing more annoying to a customer than to have to waste large amounts of time waiting around for your driver while you try frantically to locate them. GPS fleet trackers will eliminate this issue by providing the location of each fleet in your vehicle and additionally can help track out the fastest route to your customer so that you can provide an accurate arrival time.

Route management GPS vehicle trackers on map

Additionally, when you know the location of each vehicle you can ensure their route will avoid unnecessary delays caused by accidents, snarled traffic or construction to provide the best customer service possible.

See all your vehicles on one map

By utilising mapping and reporting systems like Fleetminder Live Tracking, you will be able to see all your vehicles on one map, in real-time.

Recover stolen vehicles with GPS fleet trackers

An additional advantage that fleet owners and managers will see when installing GPS fleet trackers in each of their vehicles is that in the event that a vehicle is stolen you will be able to provide the exact GPS location of the vehicle so that authorities can help to recover it. Insurance companies will often give a discount to fleet vehicle owners when they install GPS fleet trackers in each vehicle because of this recover feature. They know if a vehicle can be recovered quickly, the less likely the vehicle will be totally written off or used for other crimes. A quickly recovered vehicle means it’s back on the road faster providing your transport and field services to your customers.


If you want to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction then consider installing GPS fleet trackers. Contact us for a quote.

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