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Driver Safety & Efficiency GPS Tracking

Unsafe driving practices are not only dangerous for the driver themselves, but can also very harmful to your vehicles. Deter unsafe driving and receive instant alerts if your drivers’ are speeding or if they are fatigued.

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Driver Safety and Efficiency

Whether it be speeding, trying to read a text message or a driver is fatigued and is starting to get sleepy, distracted drivers are not only a danger to themselves, but a danger to all road users. Studies have shown that fatigue and distraction detection technology has the potential to improve safety outcomes by helping precent accidents before they occur. The Fleetminder GPS tracking system can instantly alert you if your driver is speeding or driving harshly. Additionally, with our ???? Dash Cam with Driver Distraction Recognition, be alerted if the driver is fatigued or distracted from the road.

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Hardwired 4G Tracker

The FM Lite4G is a compact and discrete tracking module for 24/7 monitoring of cars, vans and trucks using the 4G network. With optional features such the ability to remotely disable the starter motor or activate an alarm remotely, the FM Lite4G offers real security for your vehicle. Track via real time web based mapping (subscription required). Full reports such as mileage, idle time and speeding reports are available. Read more…

Dash Cam with Distraction Alerts

The Fleetminder 2T4G is a dual camera dash cam with a GPS tracking module for 24/7 monitoring using the 4G network. The front camera to record the road ahead is Full HD 1080p whilst the second camera is a driver distraction recognition camera. Mounted on the dash or “A” pillar, the DDR camera can detect if a driver is experiencing fatigue, using their mobile phone or even smoking. Using the 4G network, it can then send an alert to the fleet manager notifying them if the distracted driver. With Live Streaming enabled (optional feature), the fleet manager can log in an view what the driver is doing in real time. Read more…

Multi-Channel Driver Recorder

The MDVR8AHD is a cost effective, multi-functional recording device with the ability
to transmit live streaming Full HD 1080p video (streaming optional), live vehicle tracking, GPS and other vehicle data. Record and transmit crucial transportation video for security
and safety applications. Able to connect up to 8 cameras for front, side and rear video footage. Read more…

Keep your drivers’ safe and deter them from unsafe driving

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