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Compliance & Maintenance

Fleetminder GPS Tracking can help businesses make sure drivers are adhering to company policies by keeping track of vehicle usage times, and authorised drivers of a vehicle. Also setup maintenance scheduling.

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Compliance & Maintenance

By tracking when vehicles are being used, businesses can ensure that drivers are adhering to company policies. This information can be invaluable for determining whether drivers are overworking, taking unauthorised breaks, or using company vehicles for personal errands during business hours. Another aspect of maintaining driver compliance is ensuring that only authorised personnel are operating company vehicles. To ensure the company itself is complying to safety standards, full maintenance schedule notifications can be setup, as well as vehicle registration due dates.

Related Products

Hybrid 4G & Iridium Tracker

The Hybrid4G offers accurate and reliable live tracking and a vast array of optional extras, all on the same easy to use comprehensive web based tracking platform. The Hybrid4G uses Telstra’s 4G network for data communications and can switch to Iridium satellite communications when out of mobile coverage area, so you have live coverage anywhere, even in the remote outback. Additional features include crash and harsh braking sensor for driver safety and dangerous driving reports. Read more…

Hardwired 4G Tracker

The FM Lite4G is a compact and discrete tracking module for 24/7 monitoring of cars,
vans and trucks using the 4G network. With optional features such the ability to remotely
disable the starter motor or activate an alarm remotely, the FM Lite4G offers real security
for your vehicle. Track via real time web based mapping (subscription required). The FM
Lite4G is ideal for personal or business use in the metro and regional areas. Read more…

Dual Camera Dash Cam

The 2T4G is a dual camera dash cam with 1080p built-in front camera and 720p rear/internal camera. Perfect for vehicle security, ride share drivers or commercial applications. With live video streaming enabled, log in to see live real-time video of who is driving through the internal camera. Other features include: Auto upload footage over your home WiFi when in range; Emergency SOS button can send alert to predetermined phone number; Supports Micro SD cards up to 512GB. Read more…

Multi-Channel DVR

The MDVR8AHD is a cost effective, multi-functional recording device with the ability
to transmit live streaming Full HD 1080p video (streaming optional), live vehicle tracking, GPS and other vehicle data. Record and transmit crucial transportation video for security
and safety applications. Able to connect up to 8 cameras for front, side and rear video footage. Read more…

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