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Remote Area Tracking Outback Tracking

Other GPS Tracking devices can only track within the range of the 4G network. Fleetminder’s remote area tracking hardware can track your vehicles or assets in the remote outback, even in the middle of the ocean.

Remote outback road in Australia

Remote Area Iridium and GPS Tracking

Iridium and GlobalStar satellite tracking can track your vehicle or asset literally anywhere on the planet. Other GPS trackers require 4G to send the GPS location data to our servers in order for the Fleetminder GPS Tracking system to show its location (as well as other data), Iridium tracking devices communicate directly via satellite to transmit the data so they can operate outside of the 4G network.

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Hybrid 4G & Iridium Tracker

The Hybrid4G offers accurate and reliable live tracking and a vast array of optional extras, all on the same easy to use comprehensive web based tracking platform. The Hybrid4G uses Telstra’s 4G network for data communications and can switch to Iridium satellite communications when out of mobile coverage area, so you have live coverage anywhere, even in the remote outback. Additional features include crash and harsh braking sensor for driver safety and dangerous driving reports. Read more…

Custom Modular Tracker

The Pro4G is fully customisable with options including Iridium satellite modem for remote area tracking, driver identification and WiFi add-ons. Additional features and options include live online canbus engine data reporting; man down rescue and alarm beacon with 1km range from vehicle; crash and harsh braking sensor for driver safety and dangerous driving reports. Read more…

Satellite Asset Tracker

Designed for the remote location tracking and protection of fixed and mobile assets, the SM1-C is an inexpensive, reliable solution for a multitude of options including: 12 different reporting times, interval or 24 hour operation mode, alternate reporting schedules and low battery message. Track and secure containers, vehicles, boats and small assets, anywhere, anytime. Read more…

Solar Powered Tracker

Designed for the intelligent management of powered and non-powered fixed and mobile assets, the SM1 Solar is a practical solution for tracking asset location, reporting unauthorized movement, engine runtime reporting as well as a multitude of other applications. Track intermediate bulk containers, vehicles and boats as a solution to improve your assets operating efficiency and security. The SM1 Solar’s internal lithium batteries are continuously charged via the in-built solar panels to ensure transmissions continue for years. Read more…

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