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Caravan, Boat & Trailer Tracking

GPS tracking is not just for your car. Greater peace of mind knowing your caravan, boat or trailer can easily be recovered if stolen. Long battery life GPS tracking devices for trailers, boats and caravans.

Caravan boat and trailer

Caravan, Boat and Trailer GPS Tracking

Caravans, boats and trailers are prime targets for thieves, and recovery of your stolen pride and joy can be next to impossible. With Fleetminder GPS Tracking, recovery is greatly increased. Be alerted instantly if your asset is moved or stolen and even share tracking with police. Our devices have extremely long battery life and our wired asset tracker will charge when your boat or caravan is in use.

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Trailer Tracker

The FM TT4GLite is a high performance and reliable 4G/GPS Trailer and Asset Tracking device which has been designed for trailers or asset for GPS location and theft recovery. The FM TT4GLite can be configured to report location daily while still providing battery life of up to 5 years. Built in rechargeable battery is charged via USB. With a built in GPS antenna and no external wires, the FM TT4GLite has a IPX7 waterproof rating. Read more…

Satellite Asset Tracker

Designed for the remote location tracking and protection of fixed and mobile assets, the SM1-C is an inexpensive, reliable solution for a multitude of options including: 12 different reporting times, interval or 24 hour operation mode, alternate reporting schedules and low battery message. Track and secure containers, vehicles, boats and small assets, anywhere, anytime. Read more…

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