Motorcycle Tracker

Suits all motorcycles. The Fleetminder MT4G is a compact and discrete GPS tracking module for 24/7 monitoring of your motorcycle using the 4G network.

Motorcycle GPS Tracker

When paired to the Fleetminder tracking platform, 24/7 security is provided via real time tamper and Geo-fence alerts if the motorcycle is moved from a set location. The device draws less than 2mA of power when parked and wakes up on movement or ignition key events in as little as 3 seconds. When the key is on, the location and speed is reported every 60 seconds or at each corner, whichever comes first and a history is kept online for 6 months to aid with recovery if stolen.

The MT4G uses a 4G SIM card on the Telstra network to transmit to the Fleetminder web based tracking platform and the SIM cost is included in the Fleetminder tracking subscription. You can access the device online via a password protected web page login or via the included Fleetminder mobile app when you are on the move. The MT4G is a must have for the security of any motorcycle.


  •  4G Telstra network communications
  • Internal GPS receiver for live location, speed and direction updates
  • Assisted GPS for improved accuracy when in a shed or garage
  • Programmable intelligent reporting system. 1 minute plus corners by default
  • Power saving sleep mode uses less than 2mA of power
  • Fast wakeup – >3s Hot start, >15s Warm start, >30s Cold start
  • Built in G-Sensor for detecting movement and harsh riding
  • Backup battery in case of power cuts on main supply
  • Output to control a relay remotely – eg. Starter kill
  • Simple 3 wire installation
  • IP65 Waterproof housing
  • Compact size measuring 37mm/89mm/12mm (W/L/H)

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