Vehicle Tracker (wired) FM-Lite4G

Suits all Australian vehicles. Fully featured 4G tracking system & anti-theft. Live web tracking and mobile phone SMS alerts. Ability to remotely disable your vehicle’s starter motor or activate the alarm.

4G GPS Tracker

The FM Lite4G is a compact and discrete tracking module for 24/7 monitoring of cars, vans and trucks using the 4G network. With optional features such the ability to remotely disable the starter motor or activate an alarm remotely, the FM Lite4G offers real security for your vehicle. Track via real time web based mapping (subscription required). The FM Lite4G is ideal for personal or business use in the metro and regional areas.


  • Inexpensive tracking solution for one or more vehicles
  • 24/7 monitoring of cars, caravans, vans, trucks, machinery, etc.
  • Ability to remotely disable starter motor
  • Ability to integrate to an existing vehicle alarm
  • City-wide and regional 4G communication technology
  • Real time Live Tracking WEB based mapping & management tool
  • Reports on inefficient staff and assets
  • Improves customer service by reducing response times
  • Reduce mileage and vehicle abuse
  • Safeguard your staff and assets
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Includes FREE tracking mobile phone app (Apple & Android versions)


  • Communicates via the 4G mobile phone network
  • Full access to trip history and web reports
  • Backup battery in case of power cut to the main supply
  • Reporting every 3 minutes whilst the vehicle is moving (optional: every 1 minute)
  • Reporting every 60 minutes when the ignition is off (optional: every 30 minutes)
  • Harsh Driving / Harsh Acceleration / Crash Sensor (in-built)
  • Over speed reporting (user defined, GPS measured e.g. You choose to set to over 110 km/h)
  • 24/12V compatible
  • 2 digital inputs and 1 digital outputs (for vehicle alarm inputs/outputs, lock doors, etc)
  • Compact size measuring 80mm (l) x 47mm (w) x 26mm (h)
  • Requires a mobile SIM card for use on the 4G network

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