Hybrid 4G & Iridium GPS Tracker

The Hybrid4G is a 4G & Iridium Tracking Device for city and regional/remote area use. For tracking in remote outback with satellite communications. Suits long haul trucks, mining applications etc.

4G Iridium GPS Tracker

The Hybrid4G offers accurate and reliable live tracking and a vast array of optional extras, all on the same easy to use comprehensive web based tracking platform. The Hybrid4G uses Telstra’s 4G network for data communications and can switch to Iridium satellite communications when out of mobile coverage area, so you have live coverage anywhere, even in the remote outback. Additional features include crash and harsh braking sensor for driver safety and dangerous driving reports.


  • Automatic switching between 4G and Iridium communication
  • Can be used for Remote Area Tracking, like mine sites, remote desert locations, areas with no mobile phone coverage (additional charges apply)


  • 4G and Iridium communication
  • Digital and analogue inputs and outputs
  • IP68 Waterproof housing
  • RFID reader (for driver identification)
  • Engine hour calculations
  • Auxiliary 7 x input controller port
  • OTA firmware and settings
  • Harsh driving/harsh acceleration/crash sensor port
  • New microprocessor controlled fuel sensor port and temperature sensor port


  • Temperature sensor
  • Fuel level sensor

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