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Around 9,000 motorcycles are stolen in Australia each year [source]. Over half of motorcycles stolen are not recovered. Protect your pride and joy with Fleetminder GPS Tracking.

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Motorcycle GPS Tracking

Whether it be a sports bike, ATV, scooter or even e-scooter, motorcycle tracking can not only aid in recovery, but help protect your bike from being stolen in the first place. Optional wiring to disable the starter motor via a simple SMS command. Movement sensors can alert you to someone tampering with your bike. Easy geofence setup anytime via our smartphone app can alert you if the bike is moved from its location. Even share the tracking with police to aid in faster recovery.

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Motorcycle Tracker

The Fleetminder MT4G is a compact and discrete GPS tracking module for 24/7 monitoring
of your motorcycle using the 4G network. When paired to the Fleetminder tracking platform,
24/7 security is provided via real time tamper and Geo-fence alerts if the motorcycle is
moved from a set location. The device draws less than 2mA of power when parked and
wakes up on movement or ignition key events in as little as 3 seconds. When the key is on,
the location and speed is reported every 60 seconds or at each corner, whichever comes
first and a history is kept online for 6 months to aid with recovery if stolen. Read more…

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