Mining is an extreme and hazardous environment.  When accidents happen, emergency response for mines is much more difficult than other types of environments. High grade equipment is essential for efficient and productive mining operations. Western Australian company, Fleetminder, have Remote Area Tracking and Mining GPS Fleet Tracking products specifically tailored to mining – The Pro4G and the Hybrid4G.

Pro4G Custom GPS Tracker

The Fleetminder Pro4G is not your ordinary GPS tracker.

It is a flexible and expandable system with an array of options. The base unit utilises Telstra’s 4G communications for fleet tracking in metro and rural areas. If you need to track assets outside of Telstra’s 4G zones, you have the option to add an Iridium module.

If you need driver identification for vehicles, add an RFID module. With the customisation of Pro4G, you only pay for what you need. And if your needs change, so can the Pro4G. Existing units can be expanded upon at any time. Flexibility, that’s what Fleetminder are all about.

Fleetminder’s market leading cloud-based mapping and reporting software ensures clients have 24/7 worldwide access to their important data on all computing platforms and smart devices.

The Fleetminder servers, located in Australia, maintain the highest level of security with 256 bit encryption and can handle a very high load to accommodate thousands of vehicles. And the interface is simple and intuitive, with fully customisable reports to suit your needs.

Are your needs unique?

Fleetminder provide highly flexible fleet tracking solutions which include a wide range of customisable reports, alerts, and other features that can be tailored to fit your specific requirements.

Contact Fleetminder to discuss your needs by calling (08) 9383 7833 or contact us for a quote.

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