What does Geofencing mean and how will it protect your vehicle or valuable asset?

Geofencing for GPS tracking devices relates to a location area created around a particular object – in this case, your vehicle (or asset). It’s not a physical fence, of course, but an electronic one. When your vehicle moves out of this area a message is sent to your mobile phone (and emailed to you, if programmed). Whether you have left your vehicle in long-term parking or on the street you will be able to monitor the safety of your vehicle while you are away.

Of course there are many reasons why your vehicle could be moved without your permission:

  • Theft
  • Towed (by the local council, police, etc)
  • Valet parking takes your vehicle for a drive away from the parking area
  • Someone you know with a set of keys has taken it

Fleetminder GPS Tracking view on tablet and mobile phone

Easy Geofencing with the fleetminder App

It’s easy to set and enable your geofence function with the fleetminder mobile phone app for fleetminder GPS tracking devices.

Click on the 3 dots on the top right of the screen, click “GEOFENCE” link on the drop down menu. This will open the geofence screen. Here you will see 3 options on the top os the screen: Circle, Multipoint and Saved.

Setting your current GPS tracker location (circle):

The screen will show your current location. To set that location as a geofence, just tap where you would like the centre on the circle, the tap again where you would like the out edge of the circle. A popup will appear for you to enter a geofence name, contact email and phone number for alerts. It’s that simple. It you select multi-point, this will allow you to draw a shape instead of a circle. Saved with show all your previously save geofence locations.

If you are using the geofence feature for vehicle security when out and about, you can just simply delete the geofence when your are done.

Geofencing provides peace-of-mind

By using the geofencing function capabilities with your fleetminder GPS tracker you will be informed if your vehicle or asset has been moved or towed away. Whether that’s by a family member, the local council, a thief or by someone else (such as an employee, contractor, etc).

This will allow you to take action to track the vehicle (or asset) and recover it quickly.

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