Fleetminder has introduced a new anti-theft GPS tracker to its extensive range of vehicle and asset tracking systems.

The Fleetminder FM Lite4G is a compact and discrete vehicle tracker for 24/7 monitoring of cars, vans and trucks using the 4G network in Australia and with similar 4G networks in other countries. The FM Lite4G vehicle tracker also has added anti-theft and theft recovery features such the ability to remotely immobilise vehicle(s) or activate the vehicle alarm.

4G GPS Tracker

The Fleetminder FM Lite4G – affordable anti-theft device and vehicle tracker


For location and travel history, the tracking unit can utilise all internet or mobile phone network connected devices including mobile phones, tablets and PCs.

The Fleetminder FM Lite4G vehicle tracker’s powerful features include:

4G network communications

The FM Lite4G tracker communicates over the 4G network. In Australia, Telstra have extensive 4G coverage over all capital cities and regional areas.  Other providers such as Vodafone or Optus can also be used. Other countries also have good 4G coverage with their local mobile network providers.

GPS receiver for live location, speed and direction updates

The FM Lite4G vehicle tracking unit has in-built GPS module so it knows where it (and your vehicle is) pretty much anywhere in the world. By using GPS data, the Lite4G also records the speed of the vehicle and which direction it is travelling in.  This information is transmitted to the Fleetminder Live Tracking system along with the vehicle’s present location.

Anti-theft GPS tracker functions

Whether you (or one of your drivers) have left your vehicle in a yard, garage or out on the street, you will be able to monitor the location of your vehicle at all times.

Of course there are many reasons why your vehicle could be moved without your permission, such as: Theft, Towed (by the local council, police, etc), Someone you know with a set of keys has taken it. Perhaps one of your drivers is using the vehicle for personal activities without your approval.

Anti-theft alerts can be provided with a number of functions including geofencing boundaries and inputs (see below).

For more information on vehicle geofencing, click here.

Fleetminder GPS Tracking geofence

GPS tracking live tracking service geofence circular

Digital and analogue inputs and outputs (advanced anti-theft)

The optional inputs and outputs can be used to provide advanced alerts, remote control and anti-theft and vehicle recovery functions. For example, alerts will be sent to the owner when the car alarm goes off (an input to the Lite4G ) and when the vehicle owner wants to remotely disable the ignition (the output of the Lite4G ).

The use of a qualified car stereo installer or auto electrician is highly recommended to install the FM Lite4G tracker, and for wiring up the optional input and outputs.

Programmable intelligent reporting system

The reporting system in the Fleetminder Lite4G vehicle tracker itself is highly programmable for the customer’s needs by the Fleetminder. Programming is completed when the tracker is originally supplied, and later if required if needs change. For example, the typical reporting time is once every three minutes when the vehicle is moving, and every 60 minutes when the vehicle is stationery.

For more critical vehicle monitoring needs, the Lite4G can be programmed for more frequent reports when the vehicle is parked.

Ignition off and on data is also captured, allowing fleet operators access to detailed reports on drive time and fleet efficiency.

Harsh driving/harsh acceleration/crash sensor (in-built)

The Lite4G tracker also has an in-built g-force sensor.  This sensor can monitor the driving behaviour of your vehicles. Rough driving can obviously dramatically increase vehicle wear and maintenance and the cost of maintaining those vehicles. For example, say you have five drivers and one driver seems to have higher g-force activity than the other drivers of the same vehicle, you can then review the driving behaviour of that one driver in more detail. With a crash, obviously, your driver will report this in, but the g-force sensor and reporting data will show the vehicle’s speed and other important information at the time of the crash.

This data can also be reviewed if a driver backs into a wall or other vehicles.

Over-speed reporting

This also ties in with driver behaviour.  If any driver gets a speeding ticket, you can review their driving history on the day via the Fleetminder Live Tracking system. The same system can also be setup to email overspeed alerts to you, or to your fleet office so you’ll know how often a driver exceeds the maximum speed limit.

Fleetminder GPS Tracking speeding report

Overspeed report with Fleetminder vehicle tracking system

Backup battery in case of power cuts on main supply

The internal battery of the Fleetminder Lite4G can last up to 6 to 12 hours after the main power has been removed or cut by a thief.  This also includes a draining or flat main vehicle battery.  Low battery reports can also be programmed to be sent allowing you to find out why the vehicle’s battery is being drained or why it has been disconnected.

External GPS antenna

The FM Lite4G has an external GPS antenna allowing for the tracker to be installed discreetly and hidden away.  The GPS antenna can also be mounted discreetly near the top of the vehicle dash or other location.

Simple 3-wire installation

Only three wires; power, ground and ignition need to be connected if wiring the Lite4G as a simple vehicle tracker.  Additional wiring is required for the advanced anti-theft functions by use of the inputs and outputs. The use of a qualified car stereo installer or auto electrician is highly recommended to install the FM Lite4G tracker.

12V/24V compatible

The Fleetminder FM Lite4G can work on 12V vehicles as well as trucks and other vehicles with a 24 volt system.

Compact size – easy to hide

The Lite4G vehicle tracker is a compact size only measuring 80mm/47mm/26mm (length/width/height).

Free Fleetminder Apple and Android app

The Lite4G will work with Fleetminder’s easy-to-use, but powerful mobile phone app. Both Apple and Android apps versions are available from the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.

Simply search for “fleetminder fleet management” on the app stores.

Fleetminder mobile app

Fleetminder mobile app gps tracking devices for fleet vehicles

Reduce insurance premiums

Because insurers know that vehicles fitted with GPS tracking devices allow for improved anti-theft and fast recovery, they offer reduced insurance premiums. This cost saving makes vehicle trackers like the Fleetminder FM Lite4G almost a cost-free investment. Contact your insurance providers for updated quotes on vehicles fitted with GPS trackers.

Let’s sum it all up…

The extensive features and benefits of the Fleetminder Lite4G vehicle tracker combined with the powerful Fleetminder Live Tracking system include:

  • Being able to monitor your personal and business vehicles (and drivers) 24/7
  • Reports on inefficient drivers and vehicle assets
  • Reduce vehicle wear and maintenance via driving behaviour reports
  • Improve customer service by reducing response times
  • Reduce mileage and vehicle abuse
  • Safeguard your drivers and vehicles
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Reports by SMS text, email or web monitoring
  • Optional integration to the vehicle’s alarm for advanced anti-theft (remotely lock/unlock doors, disable the starter motor or sound the vehicle’s siren)

For more information, or pricing quotes for the Fleetminder Lite4G , contact us for a quote.

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