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preview-of-softwarefleetminder is an Australian owned and operated company supplying vehicle and asset tracking solutions in over 12 countries. fleetminder's parent company Neltronics has been in the vehicle electronics industry for over 25 years. Our products and services include GPS tracking solutions for business and individuals, including vehicles and assets for transport, services, construction, mining and marine applications... [Read More...]

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Make Geofencing Work For Your Business With GPS Vehicle Trackers

Business owners and managers often have dozens of things that require their attention. Knowing where each of their company vehicles are at a particular time is also one of those. Especially knowing … [Read More...]

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Automate Driver Records with GPS Fleet Trackers

It is a fact, when you do something manually, it is prone to error but when you automate a process it is more efficient and the benefits you gain will be substantial. The benefits are reducing … [Read More...]