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fleetminder™ is an Australian developed GPS Tracking solution, fleet management & business management system. It provides a complete range of reliable, robust & high quality hardware ultilising GPS, GSM, SMS & Iridium Technology. The web based tracking solution requires no 3rd party monitoring & offers a wide range of detailed but user friendly reports.

With worldwide mapping applications fleetminder™ is the best choice GPS tracker for your GPS Tracking application, anywhere in the world.

Featured Products

Fleet Management

Ultilising GSM/GPS/SMS technology, our fleet tracking module allows you to remotely monitor and keep control of assets and staff via phone or computer. It doesn’t require any third party monitoring or dedicated software. Efficient and accurate reports available.

SM Telesys Ltd, India

“ SM Telesys has seen a 20% improvement in scheduling, a 14% average increase in billable time each month and a decrease in fuel consumption. Fleetminder has helped us reduce costs and improve productivity.”



- Rohit Kumar (CEO)


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Vehicle Tracking

Australian designed fleetfinder Vehicle Tracking System allows complete monitoring of your vehicle’s every move and provides a wide range of benefits. fleetfinder’s unrivaled imagery make it one of the best international vehicle tracking solutions 


Tractronic, UK

"fleetfinder vehicle tracking has become a valuable part of our fleet operations. The fact that you can tell customers where your vehicles are just by looking at a screen alone is worth its weight in gold to us."



- Franklin Ezeakile (M.D)

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Trade and Service Industries

fleetfinder’s 2 way messaging communication & live tracking system includes a touch screen navigation system and head office re-scheduling & dispatch. It is the perfect solution for service based industries.

Active Plumbing, Perth

"We installed the fleetfinder system in all of our vehicles around 12 months ago. The results were immediate.  I would conservatively estimate that the product has added at least 30 minutes a day per vehicle in productive time….and of course, we no longer need to ask; “Where are you now?”

- Steve Brown (General Manager)

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Pick Up and Dispatch Solutions

The 2 way messaging & dispatch system with built in navigation is the ideal solution for taxis.Live tracking solution with nearest vehicle search function improves customer service & dispatch time.

Award Logistics, Western Australia

"Award Logistics operates a fleet of 20 trucks and 19 trailers.  fleetfinder to be a very efficient way of tracking our trucks that go on long distance trips. We are easily able to monitor their whereabouts, their speed and other useful trip information. Our clients are also happy with fleetfinder providing them with an accurate time of arrival for their deliveries. 

- Leigh McRostie (Managing Director)

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Remote, Sea and Air Solutions

fleetfinder Hybrid uses the GSM Network first to send live location, speed and direction of travel. If out of GSM range it will switch to Iridium Satellite Communication. This system allows live tracking anywhere in the world on land and sea and is suited to mine sites, forestry, railway, long haul trucks, remote locations and all marine environments.

A2K Communication, Egypt

“ fleetfinder has enabled our company to monitor our heavy vehicle fleet by GPS 24/7.Over the whole time of our association with fleetfinder, they have been extremely helpful and professional in their approach to our fleet management needs.”


- Ahmed E Alkhatib (Director)

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Trailer Tracking

fleetfinder’s trailer tracking solutions include low cost, purpose built units with rechargeable batteries and heavy duty magnets for easy installation.  The solutions include satellite communication for tracking anywhere, with battery life of over 3 years.

Raaziq International, Pakistan

“ Fleetfinder has improved the efficiency of scheduling within our operations, enables us to monitor trip times and speeds on certain road conditions”



- Muhammad Aneed Butt (Director)

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Covert and Container Tracking

fleetfinder’s covert tracking solutions are currently being used by some of the world’s most famous law enforcement and counter espionage agencies. It is small in size with long battery life and heavy duty magnets for quick & simple installation and concealment.  

Parsiantech, Dubai

“ By using fleetfinder we have gained better control of our fleet.  We can better satisfy our customers by keeping them well informed regarding freight arrival times, and protect our staff and assets by checking driving times and how equipment is being used and treated.”


- Reza Binesh (Managing Director)

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Personal Tracking Solutions

Small, durable, reliable & waterproof real time personal tracking device with faster acquisition times by Quick GPS. It’s compact, portable and stylish in design with GPS / GSM / GPRS wireless communication. The PT-2 is perfect for children, the aged, couriers & delivery drivers.

Yvette. B,  Western Australia

“ I use my fleetfinder PT2 in my teenage son’s car. I don’t pay for any ongoing tracking fees and just the fact that my son knows it will sms me if the car travels over 110km per hour ensures I worry less when he is on the road.  It provides us with peace of mind. “   


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Boat Minder

fleetfinder’s water-resistant boatminder requires no ongoing tracking fees.  It will sms you with alerts for flooding, unauthorised entry, low battery, ignition start and even removal from a preselected location. Great for Boat Security!

Lee.P , Perth, Australia

“ I would have lost my Searay Cruiser had it not been for the immediate sms alerts from boatminder. A leaking prop shaft led to flat batteries alert from overworked bilge pumps, followed by the flooding alert. I was able to contact the jetty manager who used the emergency pump to save my boat from sinking. “ 

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